"Monopolowa Vienna Dry Gin ($17.95 per 750 ml) is a honey of a brand. The delicate citrus and herbal notes may be too subtle for some, but it builds a stellar gin and tonic and goes well with citrus juice. When making cocktails, you can count on Monopolowa not to dominate the mix—unless that's what you're into—and to play nice with other liqueurs, especially Campari or a good white vermouth."
"E. Monopolowa Vienna Dry Gin
Drink it ... in a Depression-era silver gin fizz. Combine 2 ounces of gin, the juice of half a lemon, 1 teaspoon of fine sugar, and a raw egg white. Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Top with seltzer."

"VODKA MONOPOLOWA — A superb potato vodka distilled in Vienna by the J.A. Baczewski Company, Vodka Monopolowa has a complex, appealing flavor, and is priced well below the majority of other imports."

"I polled the bartending staff with this question: “What vodka should you request in a drink if you’re not a tool?” First answer? “Trick question. If you’re requesting a specific vodka in a drink, you are by definition a tool.” Second answer was more reasonable: “Monopolowa. It’s cheap, and in a blind taste test, none of those Ketel One-drinking bastards could tell the difference.” Wise words."

" Monopolowa,...  is a Polish recipe vodka, distilled from potatoes and  currently produced in Austria, which represents a retro “Back to Basic” approach to vodka...
 I believe that vodka should come in exactly one flavor – vodka Flavor – and Monopolawa does just that, avoiding the common pitfalls of grain based Vodkas. Monopolowa consistently scores top marks, even outscoring a few “sacred cows” at twice the price."
"The house spirits are offering total exclusivity with the talking point being the House Vodka and Gin are super premium potato product called Monopolowa."

"And of course there's the vodka: It pays to use a good one..."  "The Bloody Mary made with the premium or good quality vodka is going to be cleaner. You're going to get closer to the actual mix you're going for." He uses Monopolowa, an Austrian potato vodka."


critic´s guide

"Meanwhile Monopolowa—a simple, inexpensive and beautiful potato vodka handled minimally, yields a progression of soft floral notes and vegetal sweetness. As the burn of alcohol kicks in, potato skins emerge, followed by husky leaves and a lingering peppery tingle, as well as the sensation of 80 proof clinging to the back of your throat." Critic's Guide, Jan. 14, 2011, see: