500 ml

Baczewski’s Piołunówka - wormwood liqueur - is a quality beverage, well-known and popular in Poland long before absinthe; people were already drinking it in the late 16th century. The secret of its taste and bouquet lies in its unique recipe - a carefully selected mixture of herbs, including wormwood, lemon balm and aniseed, mixed with triple-distilled potato spirit and diluted with crystal-clear mountain water. Its distinctive bitter taste makes Baczewski’s wormwood liqueur a perfect aperitif, or a small glass of it will be the culmination of any dinner. Though excellent in cocktails, mixed with a few drops of a sweet liqueur, it tastes best with water and sugar – and served in the classic ‘French’ manner so valued by gourmets and connoisseurs.


35 % ALC/VOL