ALTVATER is a wonderful herb liqueur produced in accordance with an ancient family recipe, as further embellished in the 19th century when it became a very reputable and popular liqueur, often endorsed by doctors and other health care providers. Its recipe consists of a score of herbs and spices, carefully blended to produce the liqueur’s unique aroma, golden color and unsurpassed sweet taste. During the Monarchy, the brand name gained world renown under the popular slogan “3 Worte: Altvater-Gessler-Jägerndorf”. From 1888 to 1904 ALTVATER received the highest international awards at international and world exhibits in Melbourne, Barcelona, Brussels, St. Petersburg, Paris and Vienna. It has been reported that when the Prince of Wales visited Budapest in 1935, he acquired several cases of the famous Gessler brands, including ALTVATER.

38% Alc. Vol. (76 Proof)


JÄGERNDORFER MAGENBITTER is a famous bitter liqueur, ideally enjoyed as an apertif, best suited to help cleanse the digestive system after a heavy meal. It is entirely natural and made from an ancient formula of hand selected herbs and spices designed to maximize the best essences, flavours and other characteristics that each ingredient has to offer, and is traditionally served in a small glass.

50.0% Alc. Vol. (100 Proof)